My name’s Marcus, and I’m an independent game developer with a passion for storytelling. Over the last few years I’ve been attempting to connect up a love of stories and a love of videogames.

I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember, growing up predominantly with Nintendo consoles in the early 2000s. Balancing this side of my life with my studies in English literature (a passion I largely developed during secondary school), has often proved to be a challenge. For awhile I put games aside to focus on a degree in English at the University of Cambridge, only to discover around my second year that there was scope for thinking and writing about games as a mode of storytelling. It was also around this time I discovered some of the incredible work game developers had been doing, particularly in this light: Night in the Woods, What Remains of Edith Finch, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and Life is Strange to name a few. Games like these were formative for me, making me increasingly aware of the kinds of lasting experiences games can uniquely provide for their players.

I’m currently a student on Goldsmith’s Independent Games and Playable Experiences Design course, a course explicitly interested in games as emotive, immersive, and literary experiences. My main interests are in game, level, and narrative design, but also in environmental storytelling and programming.

I enjoy trying my hand at a variety of different disciplines and styles, with a firm belief that the best design comes from a deep understanding of the range of work involved in game development — from programming to modelling and animation, sound design to VFX work, I believe all of it can and should come together in delivering powerful narratives.

This website is for some of the things I work on both within and outside of my degree, as well as for some more information on who I am, what games mean to me, and what I’d like to contribute to an industry that excites me above all others.


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